Take Action

Step 1.

There is a petition up at: http://www.ipetitions.com/petition/nightbreed/ go sign it, this is the easiest, and possibly most helpful step.

Step 2.

Write to Morgan Creek inquiring as to when we can expect to be able to purchase the dvd copy of the Cabal Cut of Nightbreed. If enough letters start pouring in, this could get the attention of those at Morgan Creek. Letters are more tangible than names on a screen, and are more rare now, so if letters start coming in to them, then they will know we are quite serious.

The below info and sample letter (feel free to copy, paste, and fill in the blanks and send it off) came from Occupy Midian on Facebook.

To: Morgan Creek Productions
10351 Santa Monica Boulevard, Los Angeles, CA 90025-6937
Phone (310) 432-4848 FAX (310) 432-4844

Dear Sirs:

My name is ___________, and I am writing you to request that you release a new edition of the 1990 film NIGHTBREED, directed by CLIVE BARKER. It has come to my attention that... new footage has come to light and that there have been screenings at various events of this new, extended cut, especially the screening of the so-called "CABAL Cut" at Mad Monster Part in Charlotte NC, which was as close to a Director's Cut as there is, partially restored by SERAPHIM Films. This has shown people who appreciate this movie what might be done in the right hands. There is a growing interest all around the world in a new edition of an extended NIGHTBREED cut and a new transfer to HD Blu-Ray.

I would be very interested in buying myself a copy of a new edition of NIGHTBREED. Please be aware that there are several communities online where thousands of fans are asking for this. It would be a great opportunity to release it as soon as possible, while interests are very high.

Thank you for your attention,
Yours sincerely


Step 3.

Help us get the word out, share information about the fight to Bring Back Nightbreed on your Facebook, Google+, Twitter, Blog, anywhere you can share it, please do!
For more info and updates keep up with us here at the blog or on Facebook at Bring Back Nightbreed.

Step 4.

There's some photos being posted with Occupy Midian signs over on the Occupy Midian Facebook Group, they have a plan to use them to help the cause, so if you aren't shy, head over, join the group, take a photo, and upload it. Example below:

Step 5.

Create awareness. Pull out your Nightbreed memorabilia and DVD, make some kick ass snacks, bring out the awesome drinks and invite as many friends over as your living room can comfortably sustain, and begin the schooling in the awesomeness that is Nightbreed. Win more over to the side of Midian and convince them to Occupy Midian and sign the petition.

Step 6.

If you can afford it, the Occupy Midian Shop is now open for pre-orders, make a purchase, as the profit they gain from the shop will go towards the restoration of the film.


  1. This post is awesome and you are awesome. :)

  2. Thanks Antipax! So glad you stopped by :-)


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