Friday, March 30, 2012

Cabal Cut Petition

There is now an updated, working, petition out for obtaining a Restored, Extended Cut of Clive Barker's Nightbreed (the working title is the Cabal Cut) thanks to the hard workers over at the Occupy Midian Facebook Group.

This petition has been up for less than a day and already has (at this moment) over 70 signatures! Which is great, however, to get a movie released by Morgan Creek we are going to need A LOT more signatures than that. So please head on over to: sign the petition then share it with your friends!

After you sign the petition you will be taken to a page that is asking for donations, this is NOT for Occupy Midian or Bring Back Nightbreed it is for ipetitions website.

Wall of Prophecy Painting by Ralph McQuarrie.
Thanks again for your support in getting this movie out and going, please be sure to go sign the petition at the link above. There's also some info on our Take Action page as to some more things you can do to help out.

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Bringing you More Info

We have worked a little bit more on our blog today, we now have a page about the bloggers who are working on this project here at Bring Back Nightbreed so that if you are curious about us, you can now get a feel of who we are. You can view our about page at: About the Bloggers. Or just click the tab above.

Also we have added a page about what you can do to help this movement. We will update it as we find out more information, currently we are waiting to hear back from some people who created a petition to see if that is still active, if so that page is where we will post the petition information for you. To view the info to help page visit: Take Action. Or again, just click the tab at the top of the blog. Also on the Take Action page there is a great suggestion for your Morgan Creek Letter that came from Occupy Midian.

We did send off our letter to Morgan Creek, we hope you have done so also, if you have please let us know in the comments, we would love to have a feel for how many people are sending off letters!

Also don't forget to keep up with us on our Facebook Page: Bring Back Nightbreed, we've had some great treats and convo going on over there!

Monday, March 26, 2012

Occupy Midian to Bring Back Nightbreed

For those of you who are dedicated to the cause of convincing Morgan Creek to release the Cabal Cut of Nightbreed you should also check out the Facbook Group: Occupy Midian.

I'm hoping that they will be willing to work with the Facebook Page: Bring Back Nightbreed. We will see.

For those of you itching to take action, here is today's tip on getting this amazing movie released:

Morgan Creek has their mailing address at the bottom of their webpage ( I saw a suggestion on Occupy Midian that writing Morgan Creek letters inquiring about when the extended cut of Nightbreed is going to be released to encourage them to release it. I'm going to write my letter tonight and put it in the mail first thing in the morning.

For an example here is what I am going to be writing:
I was fortunate enough to be able to see the Director's Cut of Nightbreed on Saturday, March 25 at the Mad Monster Party in Charlotte, NC. I was absolutely amazed by this version of the film (much more so than the original release). My fiance and I are definitely want to add the extended cut of Nightbreed to our movie collection. I also know several people who are interested in purchasing a copy. I was wondering how I can purchase a DVD of this. Any information would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you for your time,
Crystal Raen 
Something simple and sweet with promises of purchases should definitely help encourage Morgan Creek to release the extended cut, as for them, it is a business. Therefore, money speaks.

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Realization at Mad Monster Party

At the Mad Monster Party Convention in Charlotte, NC on March 24, 2012, I was privileged enough to meet with Craig Sheffer and Anne Bobby. Which was beyond how I'd imagined it to be. They are both down to earth super friendly, amazing people. Meeting them was great as my fiance had recently introduced me to Nightbreed, and I liked it. I will be the first to admit I hadn't read Clive Barker's Cabal (and at this current moment still haven't), however, I enjoyed the movie, Richie has loved the book and the movie since he was a child.

After my first time seeing Nightbreed, Richie tried to talk me into reading the book, I just didn't see that I would want to since in Nightbreed, there didn't seem to be a coherent story.

Then I saw The Director's Cut of Nightbreed at the Mad Monster Party.

I am definitely carving out some time to read Clive Barker's book now.

The story that was cut out of this movie is a beautiful story. It is heartbreaking, chilling, and even a little insightful (for me anyway). There is this rich meaning behind Nightbreed that was never put out for the public to see, a story that made me cry, smile, and hide my eyes at times.

After the movie, the panel that discussed things with the crowd tugged at my heart. Anne Bobby cried, and as she cried something tugged at my mind. Then with the support of the crowd, Anne was coaxed into singing for us. Her voice is more amazing in person that it was in the film.

Listening to the stories that people have with this film, the memories, and now the realization that the story was meant to be a more complete creature, many people want to see the film the way Clive Barker meant for it to be seen. What can I do? I want to see this film again, go through the emotions again, I want to share it with my family and friends.

So here I am, I am going to do my best to find out info on how to help get this film up and going so that it will be put out on DVD for the masses. If you want to help, stick around and follow the tips that I am going to do my best to unearth.

This is for you Anne Bobby (I know it's not a Frisbee, but it will have to do):

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