Wednesday, May 30, 2012

3rd Occupy Midian Report Transcript

Sorry I'm a bit late with this, no excuse other than forgetfulness (oops!). So as always, if you have not listened to it here is the link to the 12th Episode of the Clive Barker Podcast: which features the 3rd Occupy Midian Report.

And without further ado here is the transcript of the report:

The Occupy Midian movement continues to grow, with new members being added to the Facebook group daily, as well as the petition continuing to gain new signatures. Our most exciting news is the screening of the Nightbreed Cabal Cut at the New Beverly Cinema in Los Angeles on June 10th and at the Portage Theatre in Chicago on July 13. For more information on these screenings visit

One of the Occupy Midian Group’s newest members is Jimmi Johnson who was the editor on the Cabal Cut of Nightbreed and Jimmi also edited the recent teaser trailer. For more information on Jimmi visit his website

I would also like to extend a belated happy birthday to both Simon Bamford and Nicholas Vince. Speaking of Nicholas, he was able to recently see the Cabal Cut of Nightbreed. His facebook post regarding the movie said: I was privileged to watch The Cabal Cut on Friday night and it is awesome
At last, we get to see the relationship between Lori and Boone, more of The Breed and it was great to hear more of Clive's original dialogue. Russell Cherrington has done an excellent job of showing what this movie could and should be, if Morgan Creek allow access to the original film stock and further support a release on DVD/blu-ray.

He also encouraged any of you who have not signed the petition to do so! ( <sign here)

If you are wanting to see the Nightbreed Cabal Cut there are several things you can do. First and foremost sign the petition if you have not already, secondly, help us to raise awareness about this amazing film. There are more tips under the take action tab on the Bring Back Nightbreed blog.

With your help, we can help get this amazing film into the hands of the masses!

Monday, May 21, 2012

Nightbreed Cabal Cut in Chicago July 13

If you are lucky enough to be in or near Chicago, IL on July 13th you should be sure to check out the Nightbreed Cabal Cut! It is presented by Terror in the Aisles 10 and will be at the Portage Theatre -4050 N. Milwaukee Ave. - There will be an introduction of the film and a Q&A session with the Restoration Director Russell Cherrington and Seraphim Produce Mark Miller.

Monday, May 7, 2012

Occupy Midian Report #2 Transcript

The transcript from the 2nd Occupy Midian Report, the report is featured on the Clive Barker Podcast, this particular report is on Episode 11:
Since our last Occupy Midian Report, our Facebook Group has gained many new members and the petition has garnered hundreds of signatures due to great promotion among other cult movie groups such as Repo! The Genetic Opera and due to We are quickly filling the gap that there was previously between the member numbers and the number of signatures. That is due to the wonderfully dedicated fans for their help and a big thank you to Julian Parry for all the posts he did trying to encourage other members to sign the petition. And as always our administrators are doing a wonderful job. 
Our biggest bit of news for today is the release of the website Russell Cherrington and mark Miller have put in a lot of work on the website thus far, and those of you who go visit it, will be pleasantly surprised with the Official Teaser Trailer for the Cabal Cut of Nightbreed. You can find this trailer on the Occupy Midian website and also on Youtube. 
We have a few more elite Occupy Midian members to mention that have joined our ranks. These members are Geoff Portass, he was one of the founders of Image Animation. Kate Murray, she worked on Nightbreed's special makeup effects, and Lionel Grenier, who is the Editor in Chief of the French Cinema Magazine, "Manivelle".
On the Occupy Midian page, we have had some amazing photos shared within the community, photos of Nightbreed movie props, and photos from the set of our members who were on the movie crew. There is such an amazing amount of Nightbreed memorabilia that you will have to see it for yourself. On another note, Hugh Ross recently had a birthday. We were notified via Anne Bobby's Facebook page, so thank you for that Anne! And Happy Belated Birthday to you, Hugh!
Today, I would like to address the wonderful poster and t-shirt designs that some of the fans are coming up with. I know it is frustrating to hear the admins tell you that Occupy Midian does not condone creating Nightbreed merchandise to SELL. However, the intentions behind these statements are good; we do not want to cause any copyright or other legal issues that would turn Morgan Creek off from our goal; which is to have the Cabal Cut of Nightbreed released. But, you can create a poster or t-shirt for purely personal use, so long as you get permission to use copyrighted material. We love seeing your ideas and on't want you think we are trying to be unduly cruel to your hard work; we just do not want anything to accidentally backfire and ruin oru chances of finally having a shot at making the Cabal Cut of Nightbreed a possibility in the realm of reality.
Please be sure to keep the fan photos, tweets, testimonial videos, blogs, and more coming, help us to get out the word of Occupy Midian! We must be sure our voices do not falter, for we need Morgan Creek to hear the call of Midian as strongly as we do!

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Help the Tribes of The Moon

Imagine the Tribes today, where are they, do they hear the same call that those of us with Occupy Midian do?
She glanced at the cigarette between her fingers, noticing the lines and creases that had deepened over the years. She watched the ash grow against the flaming ember of the cherry and tried to remember. Lately, memories were fading more and more. Try as she might she could not remember when she first started smoking and now the act gave her no pleasure, it was a habit, no a time honored tradition, that held her to her old self, like a blanket that comforts a babe in its youth. 
She felt the calling, and knew the others felt it too, as they grew restless in their slumber. Twenty-two years of traveling. Twenty-two years of searching. Their numbers had both grown and dwindled, losing some, while gaining others through birth or discovery. her own children were amongst them. Creatures of the night or Tribes of the Moon.
Since that fateful night in Midian, the group had been separated, with her Boone trying to lead them back to one another, back to home. No, Cabal was their leader, Boone was her lover. Two different creatures, one man, one beast, but residing within the confines of one body. She, herself, shared this dilemma, the dilemma of being two. And, oh, what a joyful dilemma it could be.
The call came to her again, as it had more frequently these last three months. She looked to Cabal, he only nodded and said, "Baphomet."
 Help the Tribes of the Moon answer Baphomet's call, sign the petition for the release of the Cabal Cut of Nightbreed:

Photo from:

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Occupy Midian dot Com is up!

So the Occupy Midian official website is up: along with the Official Teaser Trailer of the Cabal Cut of Nightbreed:

All this awesomeness is thanks to Mark Miller and Russell Cherrington. These two guys have put in A LOT of hard work and effort to get this up and going, so to show your support for their amazing talent and perserverance please sign the petition at:
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