Sunday, June 3, 2012

Occupy Midian Report #4 Transcript

The 4th Occupy Midian Report was a bit impromtu, as I re-recorded it right after we reached 5,000 signatures on Friday, June 1st. I will post the original transcript and change the parts that were changed in the impromtu recording. (to listen to the report and the Clive Barker Podcast visit:

The Nightbreed extended cut petition keeps growing in number of signatures. We’ve had some amazing members helping to push us to meet our goal that we set for ourselves to reach 5,000 signatures by June 1st.  At the time of this recording, May 31st, 10:00 p.m. we were at 4,626 signatures.

(We reached 5,000 signatures on June 1st and at the time I recorded the report there was 5,009 signatures, at the moment of creating this blog there are 5,073 signatures, if you haven't signed it please do so at:
We have also seen a few new Occupy Midian Sign photos, which are a great addition to the Facebook Group; it helps to remind everyone what we are gathered there for, and also adds a face to Midian. So if you haven’t yet, or if you just want to do another, I encourage you to create your own Occupy Midian sign photo and share it with us. Or if you are brave enough, do a testimonial video, there are a few on youtube, but as with the signatures, the more we have out there, the more likely we will be heard. So help us get the word out, tell your friends, your family, your acquaintances, even strangers on the internet. Blog it, tweet it, Facebook it, pin it, google+ it, stumble it,, share it, email it. C’mon guys, you get the idea. The more effort we put forth, the more we will have to show for it. Sounds cliché, but it tends to be true.

Also before the end of today’s report I want to remind y’all about the two screenings of the Nightbreed Cabal Cut that are coming up soon. The first one is at the New Beverly Cinema in Los Angeles on June 10th and the second is going to be at the Portage Theatre in Chicago on July 13. For more information on these screenings visit:

And thank you to these people on twitter that helped push us through to reach our goal:
@Cinemactik - Colin from Occupy Midian
@ladyabigor - Christine from Occupy Midian
@RealCliveBarker - Clive Barker (YES, Clive Barker tweeted it!)
@DarthNearl - Andrew from Occupy Midian
@Salem_Kapsaski - Salem from Occupy Midian
@TottyMCMLXXIII - Andrew from Occupy Midian
@antipax0 - Jose from Occupy Midian & Clive Barker Podcast
@neilhimself - Neil Gaiman (Yes, Neil Gaiman tweeted it through @ladyabigor!)
@clivebarkerinfo - Phil & Sarah Stokes
@PromoteHorror -
@OccupyMidian -!/groups/occupymidian/
@DarkSideofFilm -
@DiaboliqueMag -
@DrewAtHitFix -
@AmaLeaPhoto -
@HorrorCultFilms -
@CoopOfTheDamned -
@Slowdeath77 -
@donttrythis - Adam Savage - (Yes from Mythbusters!)

There are many more for this list, but from me the biggest thank you goes to Colin, Christine, and the others from Occupy Midian who managed to temporarily shut down their Twitter accounts from how many messages they were sending out. That takes a lot of time, dedication, and probably a bit of carpal tunnel.

To listen to the report that actually went live (the above report is not exact) please visit: 

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